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Top Shelf Liquor Package $18.00      Premium Liquor Package $16.00     Standard Package $13.00

Grey Goose  Vodka                                             Svedka Vodka                                  Well Brand Liquors

Bombay Sapphire Gin                                         Tanquray Gin                                         Basic Wine

Makers Mark Bourbon                                        Canadian Club                                    1 Beer Choice

Jack Daniels                                                        Sailor Jerry Dk Rum

Canadian Club                                                  Bacardi Rum Superior

Bacardi Rum Superior                                        Dewars Scotch                   Standard Beer and Wine $11.00

Captain Morgan Rum                                       Jose Cuervo Tequila                    Domestic Lite and Regular

Glenlivet Scotch 12 yr.                                          Triple Sec                                                 Wine

Patron                                                                   2 Beer Choices:                                    Soft Drinks

Contreau                                                           1 Domestic/1 Craft    

 3 Beer Choices:                                                   Wine Selection

2 Domestic/1 Craft

Wine Selection





Mixers and Garnishes for Liquor Packakges: Coke, Diet Coke, 7Up, Ginger Ale, Tonic, Club, Orange, Cranberry and Tomato Juices. Olives, Lemons, Limes and Cherries for Garnishes.

Ice and Barware.

Enhancements: Champagne Toasts $3, Wine Pour with Dinner $4, Signature Drink $1

Spirits Choice: This package enables you to pick and choose your own liquor preferences, wine and beer. I will then determine your quantities (based on averages) mixers and price.

Cash Bar: There is a $150 charge for set-up of a cash bar.

Bartenders: $25 per tender per hour.

Bar Extention: $2 per person


*We are completely lisenced and insured!

                                                Liquor Packages 2018

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