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Hot Sausage and Cheese Bites                                                                

Quail Egg Poppers

Grilled Sausages                                                                                       

Stuffed Blue cheese Cheese Grapes

Fresh Fruit Displays                                                                                 

Mushroom Ragu on Polenta Squares

Cheese and Cracker Displays                                                                      

Crustini and Crudite's Bar

Texas Caviar served with Corn Chips                                                      


Large Crab-stuffed Mushroom Caps

Marinated Meatballs

Chicken Wings

Vegetable Pizza

Sun-dried Tomato and Pepper Hummus


Bacon Wrapped Chestnuts

Genuine Scotch Smoked Salmon

Large Tiger Shrimp

Gngered Chicken Cakes with Cilantro-Lime Mayo

Spicy Pork Empanaditas w/Chunky Guacamole

Cucumber Cups w/Blue Cheese Mousse

Marinated Olives

Ham Crepes w/Bistro Sauce



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